Teaching formats

  Teaching includes practical exercises, short courses at the Italian Red Cross (CRI) and the Trento Irrigation School, and seminars.



Practical exercises include visits to drilling sites, urban water supply systems, wastewater treatment plants, as well as field visits to selected geological sites including areas of geological and natural risk.


Short practical courses last 2-3 days. They are held at the training camp of the Italian Red Cross (CRI) and the Trento Irrigation School.

During the course at the CRI training camp, focus will be placed on water provision in emergency situations.

The course at the Trento Irrigation School will cover environmental surveys, and principal irrigation practices, especially those related to low-water consumption irrigation systems.


Students are expected to cover own travel and accommodation costs incurred during these courses.


Seminars are held by experts in the field of international cooperation. They address WASH issues related to aid and emergency projects: water and energy provision, biodiversity, donors, administration and financial reporting, health and safety.