Fees and registration

MASTER’S XI edition

November 2018 – December 2019

The fee for the Master’s Program is 4,200 Euros

The Master’s Program is open to a minimum of 14 students and a maximum of 25.

The course is open to students holding any undergraduate or graduate degree, including – for Italian students – three-year undergraduate degrees prior to Italian D.M 509/99.  The Master’s Program is especially suitable to students coming with a scientific background, however students from other disciplines have successfully completed the course in previous years and all are therefore encouraged to enroll.

Admission to the program is based on the applicant CV and a language interview. Certificates proving the knowledge of foreign languages (English, French, Portuguese or Spanish), and previous experience in the volunteer organisation sector, particularly development cooperation, will be an asset to the application.


The Master’s Program is in English. If the enrolled students are all Italian, classes will be in both Italian and English, but with course material provided in English.

Attendance is mandatory: Mon-Fri full-time.

Students have to cover the cost of their internships abroad, however in recent years the Master’s Program has been able to arrange at least some subsidy to these costs.

Registration deadline: 12 October 2018
Skype interviews: 7-23 October 2018 (Short list issued 5 November 2018)
Registration deadline: 12 November 2018
Start of program: 26 November 2018
Internship abroad: June-November 2019 (3-5 months)
Final paper discussion: December 2019
End of program: December 2019 (after final paper discussion)


Registration to single modules: 5 November 2017 (art. 10 of the call).


The fee for the Master’s Program is 4,200 Euro, and this fee is payable as follows:

  • Non-refundable deposit (at the submission of the application): € 100
  • First tuition instalment (at registration): € 2,000
  • Second tuition instalment (at the end of the first block of classes, by 28 February 2019): € 2,100

In addition, students have to be prepared to cover cost of living for food, accommodation and travel costs for attending short courses (2-3 days) organized by the partner entities.


The fee for single modules is €100,00 per credit. Deadline for registration is 5 November 2018.